Remy hair VS. Non-Remy hair, Virgin VS Non-virgin hair


Today, I will write something about remy hair and non-remy hair, virgin hair and non-remy hair. 

The way I like to explain this concept is with an example.

1. Remy hair VS. Non-Remy hair

When someone is donating hair, the hair is usually sectioned odd onto is considered Remy. Because the cuticles,the outermost part of the hair strand, are all in the same direction relative to the neighboring hairs.

Non-remy can be thought of as the hair that is collected off the floor after a day of hair cutting .when placed in a bundle.the cuticles on the hair will not be in the same direction. Non-Remy hair is considered less desirable because it can become matted very fast .To avoid this ,the hair is usually chemically stripped of its cuticles and dipped in silicone to give it a silky shiny look.

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2. Virgin VS Non-virgin hair

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed ,

Non-virgin hair, as you have guessed , is hair that may have been dyed ,permed .bleached .ect.

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